Picture of a light bulb inside a thought bubble, indicative of problem-solving.

How Can Cognitive Training Improve my Problem-Solving Skills?

Learn How Cognitive Training Can Benefit Your Problem-Solving Abilities The most striking quality about powerhouses like Bill Gates or Elon Musk is their extraordinary ability to innovate creative solutions. Admittedly it’s easy to feel like they’re somehow different from us—somehow more naturally inspired  and resourceful than the average person. But believe it or not, you…

Picture of a dad teaching his daughter to be independent with procedural language.

How Can Procedural Language Help Parents Raise an Independent Child?

If you have dependent children then you almost certainly know how hard it can be to get them to do anything. Sometimes they need close supervision and help every step of the way. Other times, they actively resist your direction. How can you be better at raising an independent child? Critical thinking skills and good habits are effective at making children more capable and less dependent.