Robert Kauffman


Meet Bob Kauffman, A Man Who Loves Helping People

Bob Kauffman is the Founder and CEO of Critical Thinking for Success in Chicago, IL. However, those titles don’t even begin to describe the type of man he is.

In truth, Bob has dedicated his life to serving others. He does this through his deep knowledge of the brain and human nature.

Read on to learn how Bob came to be the guy we know and love today.

Image of Bob Kauffman, who does cognitive training at Critical Thinking for Success

Discovering the Need for Self-Love

Growing up, Bob’s parents taught him the importance of service. As a result, Bob understood that he ought to help others but mostly did it out of obligation, not love.

That all changed when he became a father. Caring for his daughter taught him the value of loving another person deeply. She showed him that the most important thing in life is to care for someone else.

Sadly, Bob’s daughter passed away at a young age, which devastated him. However, the experience also taught him another valuable lesson: he needed to love himself.

What Bob realized is that loving others is too great a burden to bear if we don’t first love ourselves.

As Bob came to this realization, he also noticed that many others shared his struggle. They too had a hard time loving themselves. Just like that, Bob had a new motivation for serving others: He wanted to help them love themselves.

Unlocking the Miraculous Mind

Bob had always been interested in the mind. In his previous jobs as a psychotherapist and counselor, he had learned of the great power the brain possesses. So, he knew that if he was to truly help people love themselves, it had to start in the mind.

And so, in the early 1990s, Bob researched as much as he could about the latest advances in cognitive science. He discovered cognitive behavioral therapy and how it helped to develop cognitive skills. He was also amazed by neurofeedback, a new technique for balancing the brain.

Bob then put this new training to work, starting the American Institute of Learning and Cognitive Development in 1995. The company eventually became Critical Thinking for Success in 2009.

Delighting in Serving Others

Today Bob is as passionate as ever about helping people love themselves. He enjoys hearing the delight in their voices as they discover who they are and do things they never thought they could do.

What keeps him going is his intense curiosity and zest for creativity. Bob loves it when people complain to him that they feel empty inside because he enjoys showing them that emptiness is an opportunity.

After all, Bob sees all emptiness as a creative space. It’s where we can discover new ways to see truths about our minds and grow from those discoveries.

Bob’s clients appreciate how willing he is to sit with them and explore their feelings. They trust him because they know he has their best interests at heart and wants to help them be the best they can be.

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