We Can Train Your Brain to Conquer Anxiety

Anxiety disorders often seem hopelessly insurmountable. After all, how is one supposed to get ahead when plagued by incessant nervousness and fear?

The good news is techniques exist to neutralize the effects of anxiety. The key is to get to the root of the problem!

What are the Root Causes of Anxiety?

Anxiety results from an excess of energy in the body. As this energy builds up, the body will sense that it needs to release it. However, if there is no clear direction for the body to expel the energy, the person will become overwhelmed by it.

As a result, people who suffer from anxiety often experience fears of loss or pain. However, they usually don’t know what they fear. All they know is the anxiety is pervasive and overwhelming.

Image of woman awake in the middle of the night because of her anxiety

Who Will Typically Suffer from an Anxiety Disorder?

Many people suffer from anxiety because few people have the necessary cognitive skills to combat it.

The truth is the brain is an immensely powerful tool. And while anxiety may seem overwhelming, the mind has the potential to overcome it. All it needs is the right coaching.

How Can Anxiety Treatments Train Your Brain?

At Critical Thinking for Success, we use a variety of techniques to treat anxiety. Our treatments are effective because they directly address the root causes of the disorder. We also treat each client differently based on their unique situations.

Here’s a snapshot of what our anxiety treatments look like:

  • Neurofeedback/Biofeedback – We use these techniques to identify areas with excess nervous energy. Then we send signals to those areas to gently calm that energy.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy This method identifies the cognitive skills needed to combat anxiety and then prescribes exercises to help develop those skills.
  • Success Coaching – We also provide coaching to develop strategies for addressing fears. These strategies make fears easier to deal with when they arise.

What Results Can I Expect from These Anxiety Treatments?

We have seen many clients over the years go from feeling crippled by anxiety to enjoying life again. Our treatments will help you realize that you are not stuck in your struggle. Instead, you possess a resilient mind that can prevail over anxiety!

And you are not alone in this fight. Our team will be there to support you every step of the way. By working together, we can get you back to appreciating life again!

Ready to Discover Relief from Anxiety?

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