Our Cognitive Training Services Can Maximize Your Mind

Are you frustrated by how your brain is functioning?

If it seems like your mind doesn’t work as it should, then we have good news for you: We can help you overcome your cognitive roadblocks!

At Critical Thinking for Success, we offer three services designed to heal the brain. The services listed below achieve results by getting to the root of the problem and fixing it.

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Here is a brief overview of the services we offer:

We offer cognitive behavioral therapy to help people with underdeveloped cognitive skills. These people will often come to us complaining that they struggle with simple tasks, like focusing, planning, or remembering. They are also often very self-critical.

This service helps clients overcome these struggles by first identifying the cognitive deficiencies that are causing them. Once we identify the missing skills, we then develop a personalized plan, which includes exercises and activities to help the client develop those skills.

Our neurofeedback and biofeedback services help people with brain conditions, such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, or concussions. These conditions result from brain waves communicating at improper frequencies.

We use neurofeedback and biofeedback to identify these rogue brainwaves and gently guide them back to the right frequency. The process is painless and straightforward and can sometimes have immediate results.

Our success coaching clients often come to us frustrated with where they are in life. This frustration can take many forms, including feeling overwhelmed, confused, or scared by their situations.

We help these clients find success by creating a strategy to get them where they want to go. We then teach them how to create the necessary mental pathways to achieving their goals. Through our time together, they learn how to use their brains to the max!

Our Cognitive Training Services Treat the Whole Brain!

The end goal of our services is to give you the complete care you need for mental flourishing.

Few cognitive training clinics offer the number of services we provide or understand the brain’s basic functions as we do. And still, fewer do as much work as we do to pioneer new methods.

But we put in the extra work because we want to help you the best that we can!

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