We Train Brains to Overcome Brain Injuries

When the brain is injured, the symptoms can be devastating. Some of the signs of brain damage include fatigue, headache, memory issues, difficulty sleeping, and more.

While living with this condition can feel like an uphill battle, the good news is treatments exist to make the journey easier. At Critical Thinking for Success, we use proven methods to help people with brain injuries get back to enjoying life!

Read on to discover our secrets to successful brain injury treatment.

What are the Root Causes of Brain Damage?

We have found that the most effective way to treat brain damage is by getting to the root of the problem. While others may be content to treat the symptoms of the injury, we know this is only a temporary fix. Our clients deserve treatments that last.

The core of the problem, of course, resides in the brain. Specifically, there are areas of the brain that are malfunctioning because of the injury. To truly fix a neurological injury, those parts must be identified, analyzed, and nurtured back to health.

As you will see, our team is up to the task of treating brain injuries!

Little boy fell and is in danger of brain injury

Who Will Typically Suffer from Brain Injuries?

When most people think of brain injuries, they only think of concussions, which are brain injuries sustained from a blow to the head. However, there are many other possible sources of brain damage.

Brain injuries can also result from a medical condition, such as a stroke or a tumor. Medical procedures like chemotherapy, anesthesia, or brain surgery can cause brain injuries too.

So, even if you didn’t recently hit your head, don’t assume you can’t have a brain injury. If you are experiencing symptoms, reach out to our team because we can help you get the help you need!

How Can Brain Damage Treatments Train Your Brain?

Our team uses proven methods to heal brain injuries at the root. We work with each of our clients to personalize the treatments for the best possible results.

Here is a brief overview of our methods:

  • Neurofeedback Therapy – We use a neurofeedback machine to map the brain, identify problem spots, and send signals to help those areas fix themselves.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – We test our clients to identify cognitive skills the injury may have inhibited and prescribe exercises to redevelop those skills.
  • Success Coaching – Our coaches provide the support our clients need as they progress toward full recovery from their injuries.

What Results Can I Expect from Injury Treatments?

Our neurofeedback therapy produces amazing results, but the time it takes to achieve those results can vary. Some clients find relief in a matter of days, and for others, it takes weeks or months. Still, we have seen countless clients find relief from the condition’s debilitating effects.

Besides finding relief, many of our clients also found that their basic thinking skills improved from where they were before the injury! Our cognitive skills training helped them realize the full potential of their magnificent minds!

Ready to Make the Most of Your Mind?

A brain injury doesn’t have to hold you down! Contact us today to get the support you need on the road to recovery.

Critical Thinking for Success offers brain injury treatments in Deerfield, IL, and Chicago, IL. Please reach out to schedule a free introductory meeting to learn more about how we can help you!