How Bob Kauffman Helped Nicole Loftus, Founder and CEO of Locker Diligence and Pop Venture

Nicole is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country, and she considers herself a product of Bob Kauffman. Without Bob’s help, she would probably still be stuck in an unhappy marriage with massively unfulfilled potential. But thanks to a doctor’s referral, she found the coaching she needed to achieve her dreams.

Growing up, Nicole came to believe a woman’s only role was to get married, have babies and take care of the home. So, she played that role because she thought it would make her happy. But shortly after her marriage, she found herself breaking out in hives and having panic attacks. No doctor could help her until finally, one wise physician referred her to Bob.

Nicole told Bob her story, and it took him less than fifteen minutes to pinpoint the source of her problem. He explained that she had been shortchanging herself with her life. She had been suppressing her internal drive and needed to release it. Nicole felt instant relief as Bob explained his diagnosis because she knew he was exactly right.

During that first meeting, Bob was able to diagnose her problem and prescribe the tools and exercises Nicole needed to overcome it. Nicole began seeing Bob every Saturday and putting his suggestions into practice. Personal transformation happened rapidly as a result.

Nicole told Bob about the business idea she had, and Bob gave her the confidence, strategic planning and networking skills to do it. As a result, she built a technology company from nothing that disrupted the $20 billion branded goods industry. Her startup closed multi-national, multi-year and multi-million dollar contracts with some of the biggest brands in the world, such as AT&T and State Farm, and it was all thanks to Bob’s help.

Nicole credits Bob with giving her the direction and courage she needed to keep moving forward with her entrepreneurial ventures. Bob made it simple by giving her the tools; all she needed to do was use them. And anytime she became fearful and started reverting to her comfort zone, Bob gave her the courage she needed to take the next step.

Nicole is now a multi-award-winning entrepreneur with multiple successful startups under her belt. She led her first company to #8 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies and #1 on Crain’s Fast Fifty. She has since created software and a platform that have radically transformed the venture capital industry.