How Bob Kauffman Helped Michael Pinelli, Principal at Synergy Construction & Development Company

Michael felt stuck and frustrated in his construction business when he first met Bob. He didn’t have any formal executive coaching and was struggling to handle all the responsibilities of running a business. Michael was also beginning to suspect his leadership partner wasn’t pulling his weight. However, he had no clear path to resolve any of these issues.

Bob made a strong first impression on Michael when he told him about the work he’d done with the Marines. Michael marveled at how Bob was able to help the soldiers become a more cohesive and effective fighting force and wondered if he could do the same for him and his team.

Bob quickly identified the root causes of Michael’s team dysfunction and explained them to him in an easily digestible way. He told Michael that he’d let too much of the weight fall on his shoulders and was stifling his abilities. Michael needed to improve his planning and delegation skills if he was ever going to free himself to focus on his strengths and the things he enjoyed most.

So, Bob worked with Michael to help him streamline the way he ran his business. Bob also diagnosed the areas of dysfunction in his relationship with his business partner and helped him find ways to improve the partnership.

This restructuring gave Michael more space to focus on his strength in designing buildings. In fact, Bob helped Michael realize that it worked better for him to produce the designs rather than outsourcing the task to an architect.

Bob also helped Michael experience greater cognitive health and balance through neurofeedback therapy. The process involved using an EEG machine to send corrective signals to Michael’s brain to help it function properly. This helped Michael feel less overwhelmed and anxious and more relaxed and confident as he put Bob’s leadership coaching into practice.

Michael is much happier and more effective in his leadership role because of Bob’s executive leadership coaching. And his team is much more efficient and productive. His company, Synergy Construction Group, continues to grow as a renowned general contracting and construction management firm in Chicago.