How Bob Kauffman Helped Joe Bongiovanni, Founder and CEO of Frontier Marketing LLC

Joe had just started his digital marketing company when he met Bob at a networking group. He was impressed by Bob’s track record for helping people and wondered if he could do the same for one of his sales employees. Sure enough, Bob promptly identified the planning issues that were negatively impacting the employee’s performance and used cognitive behavioral therapy to improve his skills.

Joe saw Bob’s incredible value and immediately hired him to coach his entire team. Before bringing Bob on board, Joe spent most of his time essentially babysitting and working with underdeveloped team members. Bob took that load off Joe’s shoulders by providing the guidance and skills training his team members needed to thrive.

Bob also helped Joe grow as a leader in many ways. He taught Joe to be more purposeful, less reactive and better at planning and setting goals. He also significantly improved Joe’s ability to find and hire the right candidates. Joe couldn’t get enough of Bob’s wisdom, so he voluntarily took more classes and still participates in weekly training.

Seven years after meeting Bob, Joe looks back and realizes that it’s the little things Bob taught him that have added up to big wins for his business. His company, Frontier Marketing, is attracting more clients than ever before because the team Bob has helped him build is producing fantastic results.