How Bob Kauffman Helped Dr. Bob Wright, Co-founder of Live Wright

Dr. Wright was astounded when he first met Bob as his field student at G.D. Searle & Company in 1978. Not only could he tell he was brilliant from his initial interactions with him, but he also heard many remarkable stories about Bob from the employees at the firm. One executive even told Dr. Wright that Bob had prevented him from killing himself!

So, Dr. Wright relished every opportunity to study under Bob, and Bob was integral in unleashing his full potential as a therapist. Dr. Wright was in the second year of his Master of Social Work studies at the time and struggling to keep his head above water. He had come into the program cocky and had been humbled many times by his professors. He was uncertain of his abilities and incredibly self-critical as a result.

Dr. Wright may not have progressed much further in his studies if Bob had not believed in him. He would review the recordings of his work with Bob and express his frustration about everything he was doing wrong. But Bob reframed the situation for him by explaining that he was focusing on his mistakes and ignoring his significantly greater strengths.

This shift in perspective was enough to turn Dr. Wright’s studies around and catapult him to success. He became Bob’s partner in employee assistance and executive coaching, and they produced many amazing life turnarounds for their clients.

Dr. Wright recalls several instances of this. There was the time he and Bob met with a group of Ivy League executives who didn’t think Bob could help them. By the end of the meeting, they were asking Bob for all sorts of life advice, including whether one of them should have a baby with his new wife!

He also witnessed Bob’s unparalleled ability to quickly diagnose and cure phobias. Bob had a streak of 21 straight phobia patients that he cured in three sessions or less. Dr. Wright still marvels at that feat and says it’s one of the chief examples of what makes Bob a world-class master therapist.

Today, Dr. Wright is a renowned coach, consultant, speaker and author with several lucrative business ventures under his belt. And none of it would have been possible if Bob Kauffman had not taught him to believe in himself and discover his full potential.